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I had an issue with my vehicle and called the GWC warranty company. I was told that the item with my SUV was covered. Since there was not a listed service garage in my area I was told to pick one on my own. I choose a dealership and made an appointment.

When I made the appointment the gentleman at the desk told me to beware of aftermarket warranties because he has seen people have trouble with these companies covering anything. I assured him that I was told that they would get immediate payment over the phone and the item was covered. Wrong....after the repair the dealer called to get payment and they refused. They said the item wasn't covered! Also, I was allowed one hour of diagnostics...well since the item wasn't covered..neither was the diagnostics!

What a bunch of crooks!!!!!They had an answer for everything as to why it wasn't covered. The warranty is less than worthless..GWC is a sham!!!

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don't waste time contacting anyone, ie. dealershhip, bank.

once bank dealer have money and bank gets payment, interest and hold the keys to your car. no one wants to know your name.

best thing is leave car at mechanics and let them and bank deal with it. Neither side wants court and cost of having vehicle.


terrible company. Customer service is lax, un-helpful, and rude.

Claims looks for every way to deny your claim, maybe they were trying to save up money for their new fancy office.

I wish i never bought a warranty off of these clowns, and after seeing all thier complaints, it looks like alot of other customers are wishing they did the same! TERRIBLE COMPANY!!


Complain to the car dealer who sold you the car and the warranty - they may help you for their own reputation or pressure the warranty company to reconsider. If that doesnt work - or maybe after it does - then cancel the contract and get your money back. If you financed your car and the cost of the warranty, complain to the bank or finance company that loaned extra money to buy a warranty - they may also pressure the dealer or company to help you.

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