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Called in to cancel a policy that I was talked into purchasing with my used car. Service rep was beyond rude, had an attitude from moment he answered the phone.

I corrected him on information he was reading back to me, and then he snapped at me. I told him I did not appreciate his attitude or overall rudeness and wanted to speak with a supervisor. Snapped at me again before placing me on hold for 3 minutes to talk to another person, which was actually a voicemail. Called a 2nd time and was told that I was calling the wrong department and needed to call customer service.

Called a 3rd time and phone rang and rang for over 5 minutes before I hung up. Called a 4th time and phone rang for 3 minutes before someone answered. Gave the rep all my info just to be told that they did not set me up with an account and that I needed to contact the car dealer since I signed up for it there.

This company is a joke. Waste of money for beyond crappy customer service and wait times that are unacceptable.

Review about: Gwc Warranty Warranty.

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