This was almost as much of a mistake as buying the car. They have fixed my rear end but only paying a portion of the labor, been without my car for weeks at a time with no rental, and they keep using used parts that are faulty to fix it!

What a joke and total waste of money!

The car lot that sold this too me was just as much a rip off as the "warranty" they sold me. Used Parts, Delayed Service, Loop Holes, Poor Quality Repair shops, Liars, Horrible Service and the list goes on and on and on!

Review about: Gwc Warranty Warranty.

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I agree with all the complaints about guardian warranty. DO NOT WALK BUT RUN AWAY from these crooks before you consider buying this extended warranty. They have loop holes for all your problems- not willing to pay your shops hourly rate, time to do a job is not granted on repairs and good luck trying to get a person on the phone!


:cry :( sometimes the only thing you can do about making a bad mistake is to learn from it, sadly this is a mistake a LOT of people are going to be making by trusting the slick fast talking sales person who sells you this nearly worthless warranty. Like they say even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile, so it only make sense that someone who works for the company sneaks a claim thru for them selves or a friend to get a decent review, that's the only way i can possibly see them getting a favorable review, quite frankly the are whats wrong with a lot of companies today.

Make a fast buck and deny any benefits for their customers once you've got their $$$. Shame on your company, and i'll bet you sleep well at night which further infuriates the rest of us poor suckers...


The only automobile extended warranty that may be worthwhile is the one that you buy through your dealer, and is issued by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

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