I had the same thing happen. My car is only 3 years old they said the warranty was expiring. I decided to call and see how much humor me.

They kept transferring me back and forth asking for credit cards. So finally i said listen i dont have a credit card i cant give you anything i will take into consideration the amount and i will call back IF iwant it.

I had used my work phone. Now they keep calling my work phone everyday at the same time.

2 days later i received an email saying they are sending it in the mail and to call once i get it. Mind you, i never paid deposit, never approved.

I did reply telling them i'm not interested in the email. Stating i never approved anything. We will see where this goes. But yes 4k for warranty. My car is a tiny commuter car, even my jeep didnt cost that much for a tranny and that didnt go out till after 170k miles this only covers up to 100k. Most stuff happens after 150k miles. rather put the money in a savings account.

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