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I am the service manager of an independent auto repair shop.I have assisted customers with their extended warranty repairs for years, and while many can be difficult to deal with Guardian is by and far the worst.

I will no longer accept their warranty at our shop.

We pride ourselves on providing value for our customers, and this extended warranty is no value to anyone. From the moment I got on the phone with their people, all I received were excuses why NOTHING was covered under their contract. The conversation was adversarial from the start, and got worse as we proceeded.

This is a company that simply takes the consumers money and gives nothing back in return.Do your research on extended warranties, but please stay away from this rip off.

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I own a transmit shop in NJ.

I tell customers before I st on their car what to expect

Usually they just accept that they're screewed and deal but every once in a while there's a sh@!


Just too much work to deal with them

Hemet, California, United States #972280

I am so glad that I read these comments concerning Guardian.I was skeptical from the start, now my uneasiness is confirmed.

Shame on Chrysler if they did indeed sell my information to these people.Thanks again for the info.

Los Angeles, California, United States #950869


11 Executive Drive

Fairview Heights, Il 62208


Will someone please post an address for them so I can send all this junk mail back to them?? Thank you.


I just hung up on these clowns.I feel sorry for the elderly customers that they will use their scare tactics on to buy their pathetic warranty, and i know many will.

Shame on GM/Cadillac and whoever else uses these clowns for allowing these people to harrass their loyal customers. I was passed from one high pressure salesperson to another. I explained that I was not going to make a decision until I discuss it with my wife first. They said ,well then you are making a decision.

They did not want to let me off the phone until I gave them an OK and a credit card number. I get the assuming the sale thing if your a salesperson, but this is ridiculous!

DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANYTHING.I felt like I needed a shower after talking to them!

to briar58 San Francisco, California, United States #917358

Exactly the same thing happened to me this morning.The vehicle warranty expiration notice sent to me was seemed pretty official.

I just wanted to find out the reason why they sent this notice when my warranty is still good for another year. In no time, the sales person presented a plan worth 4K and asked if I wanted to pay with debit/credit. I was like, hang on. This is 4K $$ you are talking about.

I need to take sometime to think if I want to spend this much for the warranty. The call was transferred to a more aggressive sales person who offered a huge discount of 100$ and again asked credit/debit. Told him that I'll call back once I'm sure. He just kept pushing and got more aggressive.

After 5-10 mins of cajoling, he gave up on me and hung up.

Glad I did not fall into the trap.

Just want to let everybody know that if you get this vehicle warranty extension notice from Guardian, trash it.Curse you Toyota for giving away the contact details of your loyal customers.


I agree with all the complaints about guardian warranty. DO NOT WALK BUT RUN AWAY from these crooks before you consider buying this extended warranty. They have loop holes for all your problems- not willing to pay your shops hourly rate, time to do a job is not granted on repairs and good luck trying to get a person on the phone!


Ok, so all of you that are in favor of GWC have obviously NOT had the misfortune the rest of us had.I bought my car a year ago and purchased the GWC extended warranty :grin I'm unemployed and cannot afford major car repair bills.

Well the unexpected happened and I had to take my car in for repairs. I went to the dealer who sold me the warranty only to find out they could not service my car so they transferred it to another mechanic. My engine had some trouble and rather than fixing the PROBLEM it was easier for them to put a used engine from a salvage yard in my car.. REALLY?

not a rebuilt engine used... no warranty.. my $100.00 deductibel just turned into $966.00 in uncovered fees, like the sales tax, why am I paying sales tax? Also they only cover $65 an hour for labor so guess who is paying the difference, yep you guessed it ...me.

This company is the biggest ripoff there is, everyone should stay away from them.

Oh and it's been three weeks and I am srill waiting for my car to be repaired, the only brite side to this is the *** who sold me the warranty gave me a loaner car to use while my car is being repaires so I guess I should thank them for that.:grin :( :( ...

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Add Preferred Warranties Inc of Orwigsburg, Pa, to this same list of companies to avoid. I can and have made an identical complaint. Argumentative, adversarial, willing to pay only for re-vamped parts, only will to pay 33% of retail labor costs...


The complaints on this site are true. Do your homework when buying a policy, but stay away from this company. If you live in California and believe you have a complaint please contact the California department of insurance.

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